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Can Bankruptcy Stop Foreclosure in Pennsylvania?

The short answer is yes. Yes, bankruptcy can immediately stop a foreclosure. A bankruptcy can stop the foreclosure all the way until the sheriff sale. If you file bankruptcy to stop a foreclosure typically you will file a chapter 13 bankruptcy. It is important to have a local and experienced team on your side. We have the experience necessary to handle any foreclosure questions. It is never to late to get our trusted advice for a solution to your foreclosure questions.

Do I Need an Attorney to File Bankruptcy in Pennsylvania?

Yes. Yes you do, is what anyone who has gone through a bankruptcy with an experienced attorney will tell you. However, the short answer is no. An attorney is not necessary to file a bankruptcy. Although the success rate of bankruptcy cases filed without an attorney is low. A bankruptcy touches every aspect of your financial life. You need to have an experienced team on your side who has been helping clients in Westmoreland, Cambria, Indiana, and Allegheny Counties since 1985.

When is divorce the best option for solving marital conflict?

There are few decisions as impactful as the decision to divorce your spouse in Pennsylvania. Even when your situation seems dire and the outcome appears bleak, you may still find yourself grasping for reasons to continue trying to make your marriage work. In reality, if you are unhappy, it may be time to take a serious look at the reasons why and start implementing changes even if it means departing from a relationship that no longer holds value to you. 

While divorce is often associated with the loss of money, stability and emotional strength, the reality is, your decision to move on with your life could actually enable you to attain more than what you previously had. There is no doubt that tough decisions will need to be made, especially if you have been married for a significant length of time and have shared children, property and investment endeavors together. However, with time and support, you can indefinitely heal from your divorce and move on to realize that your decision was actually a positive one. 

Debt Negotiation and Debt Settlement: True Costs

Debt Settlement and Debt Negotiation is a practice that attempts to have your creditors accept less than the total owed on debts you may have incurred. As debt relief attorneys, our office frequently receives questions and inquiries about debt settlement or debt negotiation. This Blog post will focus on costs and fees customarily charged by companies offering debt negotiation and debt settlement services.

Sued by Credit Card or Debt Collector in Pennsylvania

So you have been sued for by a credit card company or debt collector. It is easy to begin to feel stressed and overwhelmed after receiving the paperwork. First, you have already taken the right step by looking for help. The debt collectors and credit card companies rely on the stress and fear that the lawsuit creates. Your best defense against the debt collectors and credit card companies is an experienced debt relief team. It may not feel like it, but you have many options in dealing with your creditors. Each individual, family, or business needs personalized debt relief advice after receiving a credit card lawsuit.

Debt from Divorce: What to Do?

Credit cards and divorce is a topic that clients bring up often with our attorneys. The best course of action is to speak with a firm who is knowledgeable in debt relief, bankruptcy, and divorce matters. Our unique team has both debt relief attorneys and divorce attorneys to advise you regarding these matters.

Changing child custody agreement for the holidays

With Thanksgiving and other holidays quickly approaching, divorced parents in Pennsylvania need to start thinking about parenting time. There is a good chance that both parents will want to have the kids for every holiday, but this does not always work. Many parents modify their current parenting plan to accommodate the holidays, and this can take some negotiating on everyone's part.

Live About discusses the fact that making plans for the holidays will usually require some sacrifices by both parents. Discussions should begin early on, and both parents should consider what they really want before talking to the ex. Prepare to compromise and consider alternative ways to celebrate holidays. This may look like one parent gets the kids on Christmas Eve and the other Christmas Day, or it may be that the kids get to celebrate the holidays the week before or after in addition to the actual date. Exes who are able to get along may even choose to include each other in certain situations.

How to Stop Utility Shut Off in Pennsylvania

"My electric is going to be shut off tomorrow", "My gas company sent me a 10 day notice", "I tried to work out a payment plan", "My (utility) supplier won't work with me" are all frequent frantic calls we receive from local residents. Our office can provide assistance in delaying or resolving a utility shut off from occurring. First, we will start with available options to avoid a shut off notice.

Avoid these mistakes as an executor

Executors generally mean well when it comes to managing estates in Pennsylvania. Even so, they are not immune to making costly mistakes that could reduce the value of the estate or make them financially liable for certain actions taken. This is why it is so important to let executors know beforehand of their duty and to pick someone who has a sound understanding of what to do.

MarketWatch identifies paying bills way too early as one of the big mistakes that executors make. It may seem like a financially responsible thing to do to pay bills on time, but it may not be the legally responsible action. It may constitute a breach of fiduciary duty to pay these debts ahead of others. If the estate then does not have enough money left over to pay debts that rank ahead of this, such as federal taxes, the executor may become personally liable to pay this.

Maximizing Your Credit Score After Bankruptcy: Quick Tips

Rebuilding credit is an essential part of any debt relief service we provide. Whether you have been discharged from a chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy, or we provided other personalized debt solutions, the following tips will give you a head start on your fresh start.

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