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Establishing an estate plan that works

Estate planning is always a good idea, even if people think they are too young for one to be necessary. Individuals in Pennsylvania who prioritize planning for their future have a much better chance of seeing their end-of-life desires become a reality than those who procrastinate verbalizing their wishes. 

When adequate time is put toward creating an estate plan, people can think carefully about their decisions and how they will impact their surviving relatives. They can include clauses that allow them to modify or adapt their plan over time as life circumstances change. According to MoneyWise, an important decision that people must make is selecting someone they trust to execute their estate plan. The person they choose should be capable of following directions, trustworthy, reliable and organized. Even if people have a solid estate plan, a careless executor could unravel it quickly. 

Halloween may be even spookier for drunk drivers

There is never a good time to drink and drive. After all, if your blood alcohol concentration is above Pennsylvania’s 0.08% legal limit, you may face a variety of legal and other consequences. Still, your odds of a DUI charge and subsequent conviction are likely higher on certain days than on others. Halloween is one such day. 

Many law enforcement agencies in the Keystone State participate in the Halloween Impaired Driving Prevention campaign. As such, there are likely more officers looking for drunk drivers on Halloween than on other evenings. In past years, the enforcement measure started about a week before the Halloween holiday and continued until the day after. 

Suggestions for successfully selling your home during divorce

From the start of your divorce, even beyond its finalization, you will be faced with many important decisions about your future. Being wise, patient and strategic about the choices you make can help you work toward rebuilding your life into what you envision it being. At Bononi & Company P.C., Attorneys at Law, we have been able to provide support and guidance to many couples in Pennsylvania as they work through their separation. 

Dividing any property, you and your spouse have come to share or mutually own during the course of your marriage, requires negotiation and time to decide the best way to separate assets so that the outcome is beneficial for both parties. One of the largest assets you and your soon-to-be-ex may share is a home. If you are considering selling the home and splitting the proceeds, it is imperative that you leverage your resources the right way to keep the process efficient without compromising your share of profit. 

Keeping infidelity from destroying self-love and confidence

While there are many reasons why couples in Pennsylvania would choose to get divorced from one another, a common reason is when some form of infidelity occurs within the relationship. Sometimes, this unfaithful behavior is a one-time occurrence, but enough to leave the victim feeling unappreciated and betrayed. Other times, it is an ongoing issue that is beginning to deteriorate the foundation of a relationship that was once strong and thriving. 

While coming out of a divorce with hope for the future and a renewed sense of self-confidence is one challenge, victims of infidelity may feel significantly more downtrodden as they are reeling from having been left by someone they considered to be a loyal partner. Often, when one person becomes sexually involved with another person, going against the vows and standards that were created as part of their marriage, their partner is left feeling shattered, hopeless and worthless. 

A Fresh Start For Small Businesses

Small business help is on the way. Earlier this month the Small Business Reorganization Act was passed and signed into law. This law makes it easier, faster, and cheaper for small businesses to reorganize under the bankruptcy code. With these new tools more businesses will qualify for a fresh start. A few key points of the new law are:

How to recover from emotional abuse

A spouse who is in an emotionally abusive marriage in Pennsylvania may not realize he or she is a victim for a long time because the signs can be subtle, especially in the beginning. Those who do recognize the signs need to seek help to begin to recover and either heal the relationship or get out of it.

PsychCentral discusses what many people do not understand, and this is that emotional abuse can be more damaging than physical abuse because it can psychologically change the victim for a long time. The abuser often has unresolved issues from the past and is using them to damage someone else. Signs of this type of abuse often include controlling behavior, isolating the victim from others, humiliating and embarrassing the victim, using hurtful jokes or sarcasm to poke fun of the victim and criticism.

Apps and tips to help with co-parenting

Parents looking for new ways to coordinate their schedules and communicate peacefully in Pennsylvania may feel relieved to know that there is an app for that. In fact, there are several. USA Today highlights seven apps that parents can turn to as they try to adjust to a new way of life.

One of the most common features included in these apps is an interactive calendar. This helps to coordinate holidays and other special occasions, as well as visitations or other shared custody arrangements.

What to do about inherited property

Over the past year, the media has become fixated on the fact that millennials and Generation X will soon inherit trillions of dollars from the baby boomer generation. What many of these articles fail to cover is that baby boomers themselves are still inheriting from the generation that preceded them. Regardless of the age, many people in Connecticut feel an emotional attachment to the property they inherit, especially when it comes from parents or a spouse.

According to the New York Times, those emotions are especially strong for baby boomers. Many people from this generation hang on to the property for years, unwilling to do anything with it. They may take years to sell homes and may allow a quarter of a million dollars to sit in a checking account or low-yielding treasury bonds. However, after a while, many are able to think of the property as their own and soon use it for riskier investments to earn higher yields.

The responsibility for debts after a parent dies

When parents in Pennsylvania have a lot of debt, they may worry about whether or not this will pass on to their children. The short answer is that it depends, but on what? It depends on whether or not the child or anyone else cosigned on the debt. If so, the living cosigner may now become responsible for the debt.

While economists say baby boomers will pass on trillions of dollars collectively when they die, NerdWallet estimates that half of the elderly own less than $10,000 in assets at the time of their death. This may not be enough to cover medical bills or a mortgage. In fact, since 1989, the number of people over 75 years old in America still paying a mortgage quadrupled.

New technology may lead to more speeding tickets in PA

Most people in Pennsylvania may have heard of Roosevelt Boulevard, which is well-known for its fatalities. The boulevard is more a highway than an inner-city street, sometimes widening up to 12 lanes as it travels further north.

In the spring of 2019, NBC Philadelphia shared that City Council gave their approval for cameras to be installed along the boulevard. The speed limit on the 12-mile stretch is just 45 miles per hour, but many drivers far exceed this. Lawmakers identify this as one of the main reasons for the deadly crashes in the area.

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