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Prescriptions and intoxicated driving

Most drivers are well aware of the fact that it is illegal to drive after drinking too much or while intoxicated due to hard drugs such as cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine. What some do not realize is that prescription medication and even some over-the-counter medicine can affect a driver's ability to safely operate their vehicle. Moreover, if someone drives while they are intoxicated due to prescription drugs, they may be pulled over and they could face some harsh consequences. Not only is it pivotal to avoid driving if there is any possibility you may be impaired due to prescription drugs, but you should examine your legal options if you ever find yourself in this spot.

Intoxicated driving due to prescription drug use can be particularly difficult for various reasons. For one, some drivers do not realize that the drugs which their doctor has prescribed have left them inebriated and unable to focus on the road properly. Some people may not have any familiarity with certain drugs and their effects, while others may accidentally take too much of a particular drug. Either way, someone in this state may veer off of the road or cross over the median, which could attract the attention of a law enforcement official and lead to serious charges.

Vaping while driving

There are a number of risk factors which cause many car accidents, from ice on roadways to drunk driving. It is important to be aware of the fact that many different behaviors can result in distracted driving, some of which are especially popular among younger drivers. Moreover, there are many more ways in which drivers become intoxicated, losing their ability to concentrate on the road or drive safely. For example, vaping has become popular among many people and this behavior can both distract and inebriate someone who is trying to drive a vehicle. Whether you vape regularly or have a child who likes to vape, it is important to be aware of the risks associated with this behavior while driving.

Often, people enjoy vaping because they believe it is healthier than smoking cigarettes. However, it can be very dangerous to vape while driving and some drivers ignore this and continue to do so while they should be more focused on the road. Moreover, some people may realize that it is dangerous to vape while driving but they cannot wait any longer because they are struggling with a serious nicotine addiction. Furthermore, people may also vape marijuana and become very intoxicated while they are behind the wheel.

Underage drunk driving charges

Drunk driving allegations can shatter someone's life in all sorts of ways, creating problems in their career and at home. This is especially true when someone who is under the age of 21 is charged with driving under the influence. Not only can underage DUI charges disrupt a young person's life, but they can create problems within the entire family. Many teens have been charged with driving under the influence, some of whom likely did not realize that they were considered to be driving under the influence because of zero tolerance laws. In Greensburg and across Pennsylvania, families struggling with a teen's DUI should review all legal options closely.

Whether you are a teen facing DUI charges or your child is in this position, there are various things to consider. First, think about how these charges could affect your future. When someone is charged with underage drunk driving, they may encounter challenges while trying to apply for college or a job. Moreover, the stigma of these charges cannot be overlooked. Not to mention, DUI charges can result in the loss of driving privileges, which can be devastating for anyone but especially hard for a teen who needs to drive to school or work.

The emotional side of property distribution

When it comes to the distribution of marital property, many people pay close attention to the financial side of things. After all, property division can be incredibly difficult from a financial perspective. This certainly is not the only way in which property division due to divorce can make life hard for someone, however. Some people may have an especially hard time dealing with this issue from an emotional point of view. Not only are some types of property very special to people, but losing so much in terms of one's assets can also be overwhelming.

Property division can give rise to a variety of dark emotions, such as anger, depression and anxiety. If you are experiencing any of these challenges yourself, this is understandable and you should not be too hard on yourself. Many people are upset to see their property, which they have worked so hard for, split up during a divorce. However, you may be able to prepare for this potentially challenging problem by reviewing property distribution laws and having a good idea of what may lie ahead.

Filing for divorce as a horse owner

No two divorces are exactly the same and some can result in especially complex issues. For example, the distribution of marital assets and custody arrangements can be very emotional and challenging. When some couples approach divorce, they may wonder who will be able to keep family pets. This can be especially complex for those who own horses, especially when both parties do not want to lose close equine friends that they cherish.

Depending on your situation, your horse(s) may be considered marital property or separate property. Moreover, you may have a horse with an especially high economic value, such as a successful racehorse, and this may necessitate closer review. In some cases, only one party may want to retain ownership of a horse, which can make the process more straightforward. In others, a couple may disagree on who should be able to keep the horse, which is when things can become more complex.

Tips on handling family conflict over the holiday

While the holiday season is supposed to be a time of joy for families in Greensburg, this is not always the case. If you’ve recently gone through a divorce you may be concerned about the conflict between family members, which can really put a damper on things. While you can’t always prevent battles from occurring, the following tips can help you handle them better.

Psychology Today suggests setting firm boundaries regarding parties and gatherings. If you’re hosting dinner and are adamant that it starts at a certain time, make sure friends and family know this. If not everyone has arrived by the start time, feel free to begin anyway. This will help you deal with chronically late individuals, who may enjoy the attention of making a grand entrance.

Dividing student loan debt during a divorce

These days, many college graduates have at least some student loan debt. The total amount of student debt in the United States topped $1.5 trillion recently, with the average borrower having over $37,000 in debt. 

This debt tends to follow people throughout their lives, including when they marry and divorce. With some couples, one person has a great deal of student loan debt while the other is debt-free. It is natural to worry about accumulating a partner's debt from a divorce. Luckily, Pennsylvania has laws that serve as guidelines for how debt becomes divided. 

Finding courage to work through a custody dispute

Child custody can be one of the most challenging aspects of a divorce and our law office is all too familiar with the different challenges that arise. Not only can custody disputes be hard for parents, but children can have a very hard time as they struggle to make sense of how life is changing. Divorce can present challenges for any couple, but we know how tough this transition can be for parents. During this time, it is essential to find the courage that you need to move forward.

There are a number of steps that could be taken to improve your outlook on the custody dispute and gain confidence. Talking to the other parent of your child can be helpful, but this will depend on your own circumstances. If communication is not an option, carefully going over your rights and your different options could not only provide familiarity of the custody process but a better idea of how you will approach your case. Your child’s best interests are at stake and this is not a time to procrastinate or avoid aspects of the custody process that you find challenging.

Child support payments during the holiday season

It can be tough for parents to pay their child support for many reasons, but certain occasions can create special challenges when it comes to child support payments. Likewise, custodial parents who do not receive the child support they are owed may struggle regardless of the time of year, but this can be especially hard during the holiday season. Whether you are obligated to pay support, or you have been awarded child support, it is important to carefully consider these issues during the holidays.

A non-custodial parent who is facing financial challenges may have a particularly difficult time making child support payments during the holidays. For example, they may be short on cash after buying gifts for family members or they may not be able to work because their position has come to an end for the holidays. On the other hand, a custodial parent may be concerned about ensuring that their children enjoy the holiday season and when they do not receive the child support they are owed, this can be very tough.

When should you revise your will?

There are many advantages when it comes to setting up a will, such as providing yourself with peace of mind knowing that your estate will be managed properly in the future and ensuring that are distributed among your loved ones as you wish. However, it may be necessary to revise your will at certain points in your life. We discussed how divorce can necessitate the revision of an estate plan, but there are other reasons why you may need to make changes to your will. For example, you may lose a family member or experience major financial changes.

If someone you love passes away, such as a spouse, you may need to find a new executor or change the way in which your assets are split up. You may also need to revisit your will after the birth of a child, or perhaps you want to change how your estate will be distributed among beneficiaries because of one family member's problems with drugs or gambling. Furthermore, you might need to revise your will following a devastating injury that reshapes the rest of your life from a financial standpoint. Whether you cannot work anymore, have to take on massive medical debt or obtain a large sum of money due to a settlement, this could affect your state plan in numerous ways.

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