Knowledgeable Counsel On Tax Issues

Whether you have personal concerns with the IRS or you want to come up with a tax plan that will benefit your business, an experienced Greensburg tax lawyer can help. At the law offices of Bononi & Company PC, we have been helping individuals with a wide range of tax law concerns for over 25 years. We can provide you with the tax services you are looking for today.

How Are Tax Matters Affecting You?

More than just an attorney, Eric Bononi is a certified public accountant, or CPA. With a degree in accounting from the University of Notre Dame, he understands how you can work within the tax structure to build a business that is more efficient and profitable. Under his guidance, the attorneys and accountants at our firm will crunch the numbers in legal ways that are favorable to our clients with concerns in the following areas:

  • Business law: When you are planning for the future of your business, you want to select an entity with a favorable tax structure for your needs.
  • Estate administration and probate: If you are administering an estate or dividing a will, we will help you fully consider the tax implications in order to best serve your family.
  • Bankruptcy: While you cannot discharge your tax debt in bankruptcy, we can help you come up with a payment plan you can afford.

Protecting Your Rights In Tax Litigation

If you have to go to court in order to settle a dispute with the IRS, you want an attorney who understands tax law and has real courtroom experience on your side. Uniquely situated to handle these concerns, we will help you explore all of the settlement options in your IRS dispute, but we will be ready to protect your rights in court if the time comes.

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With a diverse legal practice, we handle many concerns for our clients with serious tax implications. Whether you are involved in a dispute with the IRS or you want a tax plan that works better for your family or business, we can help. Call our Greensburg law offices at 866-343-8555 today for an initial consultation. Or, if you prefer, complete the online form.