Strong Advocacy For Grandparents' Rights

Parents cannot always be there for their children, but every family is different. If you are a grandparent who wants to be there for your grandchildren, a Greensburg grandparents' rights lawyer can help you explore your full range of options. At the law offices of Bononi & Company PC, we protect the rights of grandparents who step up and take care of their grandkids when the parents have given up responsibility.

What Is Best For Your Grandchild?

There are many situations when parents are no longer able to take care of their children. Whether they are in jail, are out of the country or have been killed, it is up to other family members to take care of the children. Very often, that responsibility falls upon grandparents.

Our job is to do whatever is in the best interests of the children in a given situation. As grandparents, if you are in the best position to take care of the children and provide them with a good home, we will help you get legal custody. Taking a close look at your situation, we can help you gain full custody or partial custody with visitation rights.

Get The Help You Need From An Experienced Lawyer

You want to do what is best for your grandchildren. Whether their parents are no longer able to take care of them or you believe you can provide a healthier environment for them, grandparents often have rights too. From our Greensburg law offices, we are ready to help you explore your options and do whatever you can to protect your family. Call toll free at 866-343-8555 today for an initial consultation. Or, if you prefer, complete the online form.