Experienced Pennsylvania Business Valuation Attorney

When you go through a divorce, all of your assets will be subject to evaluation and possible division, including your business. In order to protect everything you have worked for, you want to make sure that you have a Greensburg family businesses divorce lawyer on your side. At the law offices of Bononi & Company PC, we handle both family law and business law concerns, giving us a unique advantage when it comes to protecting closely held family businesses.

How Should Interests In Your Business Be Valued And Divided?

With over 25 years of experience, Eric Bononi has handled business valuation and succession issues for families with businesses worth anywhere from $5,000 to $30 million. Providing you with close counsel and personal service, he is also a tough litigator and skillful negotiator who will do whatever it takes to protect your rights.

Pennsylvania is an equitable distribution state, and your family business will be subject to the same scrutiny as other property in your divorce. Whether you are the primary investor in the business or it is an equal partnership, it is important to come up with a plan that works for both your family and your business. We will help you explore your full range of options, whether you want to find a way for your business to continue or you are ready to dissolve it.

If one or both parties decide to sell their stake in the family business, it is important to understand the tax consequences. Any proceeds from the sale of a business will be taxed. As a certified public accountant, attorney Bononi will make sure you properly consider how taxes will impact the division of your business, and if you are ready to start a new business after you sell your shares, we can help you start fresh with our comprehensive business counsel.

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