Putting Your Children First In Custody Decisions

While you want to protect your parental rights, nothing is more important than doing what is best for your children. With an experienced Greensburg child custody lawyer on your side, you can come up with a plan tailored to the needs of your family. At the law offices of Bononi & Company PC, we are more than just a business. We are a family, and we are ready to help your family come up with the best possible child custody and visitation plan.

What Type Of Custody Is At Issue?

Our goal is to protect your rights while doing what is best for your children. Pennsylvania courts are going to put the concerns of your children first as well, so it is important to keep that in mind as we work with your co-parent to develop a child custody plan. Your plan will be broken up into two areas:

  • Legal custody: Legal custody determines who gets to make important decisions regarding your children's welfare such as religion, education and health care. A party can have joint legal custody, even if one party has sole physical custody.
  • Physical custody: We attempt to work out schedules of parental availability for both sides, so that parties agree on a plan that works for everyone involved. From the initial custody conciliation conference through a full trial, if necessary, we will be in your corner.

Representing both mothers and fathers in child custody disputes, we are uniquely aware of fathers' rights in these cases.

As part of our comprehensive family law practice, we will also take care of related concerns such as child support. In situations where one or both parents are unable to provide custody, we advocate for the rights of grandparents to step in and take responsibility.

Contact Our Experienced Greensburg Child Custody Lawyer

As a family law firm, we understand how important your child custody plan is for you. Located directly behind the Westmoreland County Courthouse, we are ready to help you build the best possible child custody and visitation plan. Call us toll free at 866-343-8555 today for an initial consultation. Or, if you prefer, complete the online form.