Skilled Attorneys To Handle Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy is a major decision, and while you want debt relief, you also want to protect the assets you have. An experienced Greensburg Chapter 13 lawyer can help you come up with a plan that allows you to do both. At the law offices of Bononi & Company PC, we help consumers manage their debt through Chapter 13 bankruptcy. By taking the time to develop a plan tailored to your needs, you can build a better financial future.

Do You Qualify For Chapter 13?

Unlike Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you do not have to pass a means test in order to qualify for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. We will review your financial situation and help you explore your debt relief options. If you decide to file for Chapter 13, we will work with your creditors to create a repayment plan you can afford. The plan will last three to five years, and when it is finished, you will be freed from any remaining dischargeable debt.

While it will take you three to five years to discharge your debt, Chapter 13 bankruptcy does offer immediate relief as well. As soon as you file, it will stop all foreclosure and repossession actions and put an end to creditor harassment. Most importantly, it will allow you to keep your most important assets, including your home, car and retirement plan. Chapter 13 bankruptcy will also help you rebuild your credit by making timely payments to creditors.

Greensburg Chapter 7 lawyer Eric Bononi knows how the process works and he knows how to develop a bankruptcy plan that will work for you. While quick fixes like debt consolidation and 401(k) withdrawals may seem appealing, we can help you understand the long-term impact of any choice you make, including bankruptcy.

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If you are ready to pay down your debt at a rate you can afford, while keeping your financial future intact, Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be right for you. From our offices in Greensburg, we are ready to help you decide. Contact us today at 866-343-8555 to schedule an initial consultation.

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